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Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern - Celebrate!

Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern – Celebrate!

Weddings are an important time and sometimes it is useful to make a quilt commemorate the occasion. A wedding ring quilt pattern which has a pattern in the shape of a wedding ring will certainly fit the occasion! What an occasion to use your skills and create something lovely that will last for generations! For certain an unique and appreciated gift!

The pattern can be anything but the most important facet of this design is that it forms the perimeter of a wedding ring. When it is made properly, it looks quite spectacular.

Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Free Wedding Ring Foundation Block
Kelsey’s Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern Free Wedding Ring Foundation Block
full_4023_132668_ShotgunWeddingRing_1 JellyRings_3
Shotgun Wedding Ring Jelly Rings Pattern 

The Kelsey’s Wedding Ring Quilt is a little bit more advanced pattern than the other three patterns shown above, but with some basic skills and some experience, you will absolutely be able to make this beautiful wedding ring quilt. The colorful Shotgun wedding ring pattern is simple and great for novice quilters.

The descriptions are clear and easy to follow.


Free Wedding Ring Quilt Tutorials

Double Wedding Ring Quilt Pattern

There are also quilts which come in the shape of a double wedding ring. This often forms two circular patterns which are interwoven in a neat pattern.

The style of the two patterns may be the same or different for a nice contrasting texture. A pattern which is similar to this is the symbol for the Olympics.

The wedding ring quilt pattern can look very good and be quite eye-catching and visually appealing.

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ScarlettsDoubleWeddingRing_1 DoubleWeddingRing_1 Color Splash
Scarlett’s Double Wedding Ring Pattern Double Wedding Ring Pattern  Double Wedding Ring – Color Splash




 Free Wedding Quilt Tutorials



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