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Wall Hanging Quilting Kits - Four Reasons To Love Them

Wall Hanging Quilting Kits – Four Reasons To Love Them

If you’re looking to add warmth and character to your home, then a wall hanging quilt is a perfect choice.

RJR Palette Stained Glass Star Quilt

Parasol Quilt Kit

Find Other Wall Hanging Quilt Kits

A quilt instantly lifts your lounge, bedroom or den and lends it a cozy ambiance that is all your own. Not to mention the satisfaction of creating something beautiful with your own hands that you can pass down for generations to come.

Note: If you followed a link from social media to this page, but can’t find the quilt kit you are looking for, it most likely is sold out. Sorry about that. But if you check this link, you will find other beautiful   Wall Hanging Quilt Kits here

Quilted Wall Hanging Kits – All Kinds of Patterns


From bold, bright geometric patterns to softer and more muted tones, a wall hanging quilt shows off your great taste and personality and helps make your home your own.

When it comes to choosing your design and putting your quilt together, a wall hanging quilt kit is the way to go. Here are 4 reasons you’ll love quilt kits.

1. Everything You Need In One Place

Quilt kits mean no more measuring and buying individual fabrics, or worrying about running short on a fabric when your quilt isn’t complete.

You’ll find pre-cut materials, plus a pattern and often any special tools you need, all bundled together and ready to use. You can get started on your quilt right away with minimum fuss.

2. The Latest Quilt Pattern Designs

Wall hanging Quilting kits give you access to all the latest quilt designs, from experienced quilt designers. Each kit provides you with the pattern you need to create your own quilt. Kits are also a great way to recreate designs you’ve seen and loved. Love a design? Buy the kit!

3. Save Time and Money

Quilting is a wonderful hobby, but sometimes the preparation for a quilt can just feel like too much. With all the measuring and cutting, trying to source the right fabrics, maybe even driving to a fabric store, it can feel like a huge undertaking.

With a quilt kit, you can save both time and money. All the materials you need will arrive safe and sound to your door.

You won’t end up paying for extra yardage or gas money, and you won’t have to spend a lot of time sourcing and cutting your fabrics. Simply open your package, settle into your favorite quilting spot, and get started.

4. The Best Fabric Options for Your Wall Hanging Quilting Kits

Quilt kits bring the very best fabrics straight to you. Sometimes sourcing the perfect fabric for your project can be hard. Maybe your local stockist doesn’t have it, so you have to trawl eBay and online stores looking for one specific fabric. With a quilt kit, you can enjoy unusual and hard to get fabrics with no muss or fuss.

Quilt kits let you work with your favorite fabrics, too. Whether you’re in love with a fabric line’s colors, directional motifs, or even the pieces that are just made for fussy-cutting, you’re sure to find a quilt kit that makes the most of the traits you love.

Wall hanging quilt kits are the perfect way to create a lasting heirloom for your home. Choose your kit today and before long you’ll have a quilt you will treasure forever.



Anthology Flower of Life Quilt
Wall Hanging Quilting Kits

Timeless Treasures Tonga
Treat Lava Rocks Quilt

Robert Kaufman Bountiful
Bouquet Wall Hanging Kit

Anthology Batiks Rise ‘n
Shine Quilt

Robert Kaufman Princess
Life Carriage Wall Hanging Quilt

RJR Splash Ahoy
Quilt Kit

Anthology Baubles and Beads
Wall Hanging Quilt

Riley Blake La Vie Boheme
Bohemia Quilt

Moda Best Day Ever
Dahlia Quilt Kit

RJR Hedgerow Quilt Kit

RJR The Birds N’ the
Bees Quilt Kit

Robert Kaufman Sounds
of the Woods Wall Hanging
Robert Kaufman Artisan
Batiks Noel Winter Bright Star Quilt
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