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Star Quilt Patterns - Very Popular Design

Star Quilt Patterns – Very Popular Design

Many of the most popular and beautiful quilts that you might ever see are made with the star quilt patterns. These quilt patterns are exactly as they sound: they are quilt patterns that create star shapes in the quilts. Choose a pattern and start creating something beautiful for your family!

Star Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Star Quilt Patterns   Star Light Star Bright Quilt Pattern
Thimble Stars Quilt Pattern Star Light Star Bright Quilt Pattern


The following items are coming not only as patterns but as quilting kits, including both pattern and pre-cut fabrics.

Quilt KIT Star Patterns:

  8026_-1436383214855 2995_-1451326196292 Rowan-Sunshine-Stars-Quilt-Kit-1457980248757
RJR Palette Stained Glass Moda Ombré Basic by V and Co.
Fabric & Basic Rising Star Pattern Quilt Kit
 Rowan Kaffe Fassett Classics Sunshine
Stars Quilt Kit
  2300_-1451326385301   3199_-1452725287288
 Boundless Solids Fabric & Starlight
Sampler By Amy Gibson Pattern Quilt Kit
RJR Safari by Jinny Beyer Fabric & Safari
Star Pattern Quilt Kit


Star Quilt Patterns – Beautiful Designs!

Odile Stars PDF QuiltPattern_2 Holiday Stars PDF Quilt Pattern
Odile Stars’ PDF Quilt Pattern Holiday Stars’ PDF Quilt Pattern
Delft Stars and Flowers Quilt_1 Cinnamon Stars PDF QuiltPattern_1
Delft Stars and Flowers Quilt Cinnamon Stars’ PDF Quilt Pattern


How to Make A Star Quilt — Quilt Classes:

Luminous Lone Star Class
Oh My Stars! Six Pieced Blocks


Lone Stars Quilt Patterns


    Applique quilt patchwork quilt STAR   Flowering Lone Star
LONE STAR patchwork quilt, applique  Flowering Lone Star

It might seem like a pattern like this is going to be very difficult to create. Indeed, maybe you should usually only try a pattern like this after you have some quilting experience. However, lots of people create beautiful lone star quilts, even on their first time. A lone start quilt pattern can truly create a beautiful work of art.

Types of Star Quilt Patterns

Some star quilt patterns are going to be easier to create than others. Many star patterns require you to use tiny strips of fabric. Sewing all of these tiny strips of fabric together will be tough for anyone. It definitely requires tons of patience. People also need to get lots and lots of these tiny strips of fabric together in order to get certain star patterns together.

The beautiful pinwheel star patterns that you also can find here,  usually involve sewing together a lot of different small fabric strips. The more intricate the pattern in almost all cases, the more fabric strips it entails. It is still possible to make star quilt patterns come to life using standard scraps of fabric.

Some larger and more angular stars can be made with folded fabric strips or even full fabric squares for the center of the stars. It is possible to make quilts that have the typical five-pointed stars in them.

Some star patterns involve stars that have eight points, much like the stars that people usually see on the tops of Christmas trees. These eight-pointed stars can be round or angular themselves, creating, even more variety when it comes to star patterns.

When five-pointed stars appear with this kind of pattern, these stars are typically asymmetrical. Some quilters create extremely ambitious stars, and it can be difficult to even see what they did without seeing the actual pattern first.

With lone star quilt patterns, there will often be one star in an otherwise fairly simple quilt. Some star quilt patterns will involve people creating a series of stars on a quilt. They will have lots of different colors and shapes inherent in all of these quilt designs.

Star Quilts and Colors

All quilters know that the shapes on their quilts only pop with the right coloration. Usually, people will make the stars  stand out by using different colors with them.

Sometimes, the stars blend in with the rest of the quilt, and they are just several of many geometric shapes. In other cases, it will look like the stars are the centerpieces in a background that are otherwise white or black. People can decide between really bold stars and really subtle stars. Either way, they will have created truly beautiful and creative quilts.


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