Some Tips For Quilt Beginners

quilt beginners The beauty of the craft quilting is that you can use old scraps and create a beautiful, totally original piece of work – or you can go to the store and buy fabrics and choose the exact match colors and still create your own unique quilt! You will be an artist!

Some Quilting Tips and Tricks

Not all fabrics are suitable for patchwork. Loosely woven fabrics might be too weak to use together with for example cotton. Cotton is the most common fabric to use and perfect if you are a quilt beginner; it is very easy to work with!

Make quilting pattern

A Good advice is to plan your quilt very well before the start; that is – make pattern. Choose colors that fits together, and sort them into tones; light, medium and dark; it will help create a depth to the quilt. Textured fabric is also great to use – they creates different effects that can look great!

Pre-wash all fabrics before starting a quilt otherwise since fabrics are shrinking differently. And since some might loose color while washing – wash them separately! Also iron the fabrics very well before using them to quilting.

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Basics of Quilt for Beginners:

  • Originally the quilts were sewn by hand with a needle; something that can look a little bit too time consuming for today’s quilter. Most quilter today might prefer machine quilting.
  • A quilt is usually made of three layers. The top piece is the layer that is decorated, the middle piece is a layer of batting and the third piece is the backing. These three layers are held together with lines of stitching worked in for example grids or elaborate patterns.
  • With traditional quilting you follow the outline of the block’s design; that means you would stitch 1/4 inch from each seam line on your patch. With other words; you make your stitches just outside the pressed seam allowances.
  • Stitching in the ditch is another quilting process and means that you stitch right into the seam. These stitches are almost invisible as the fabric puffs up around them.
  • The overall design quilting ignores the block’s pattern and uses an overall design such as grids of squares, diamonds or clamshells. More quilting tips and tricks you can find here. If you are a quilt beginner you might find more useful information on this page.

Here is a tutorial on: Stitch in the ditch – Machine quilting

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