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Rag Quilt Patterns

Rag Quilt Patterns With Lots of Charm!

If you are a creative person who loves to make items which are both highly functional and also beautiful to look at, then do consider the idea of making a gorgeous rag quilt. Here you find a bunch of beautiful rag quilt patterns for you to choose from.

Once finished, it is soft, warm and comfortable, durable and extremely versatile, as it can be used to cover sofas, beds, for baby’s cot and as a colorful and delightful wall hanging; it is certain to attract attention from friends, family and guests, and before long, people will be asking you how to make one of their own!

Passion to Fashion Rag Quilt Christmas Rags Quilt
Passion to Fashion Rag Quilt Christmas Rags Quilt
Twisted Drag Quilt  PHAT RAGGY RAG QUILT

Rag Quilt Purse Patterns

Ashlawn farms Rag Quilt Patch Purse Ashlawn farms Rag Quilt Strip Style Purse Ashlawn farms Rag Quilt 4 Patch Purse
 Ashlawn farms Rag Quilt Patch Purse Ashlawn farms Rag Quilt Strip Style Purse Ashlawn farms Rag Quilt 4 Patch Purse


Making a Rag Quilt

Many years ago, quilting was done by hand, but with the invention of the modern sewing machine, the process is now easier and faster. People enjoy making quilts to mark important life events and occasions, such as marriages, births, graduations, or even in memorial of loved ones.

The real beauty of a rag quilt is that there are no limitations placed upon you where your choice of pattern and design is concerned! You can use bright and intense colors which compliment or widely contrast with each other, such as in a bold, modern designs, or you can create a pretty vintage style quilt which is comprised of colorful flower designs, and decorated with perhaps more pastel, delicate colors, such as shades of cream, white, pinks and soft greens.

Baby Rag Quilt Patterns

A rag quilt especially created for a baby’s nursery is a charming idea, perhaps made with blues, yellows or pinks, and with child-friendly applique designs sewn on to personalise it and make it unique! Your hand made finished quilt will be soft, warm and comfortable for your baby to snuggle into and will look beautiful in your nursery. If you wish to give a more rustic and cottage-style look to your rag quilt pattern then consider using squares of warmer coloured fabric, such as blues, browns, greens, reds and accents of yellow; this will produce a quilt which has a countryside feel, and one which represents the seasons too, such as the Fall. Also, adding plaids and stripes to your rustic quilt will further add to its overall country feel and appearance.


Another favourite type of rag quilt is one which the material denim is used to produce a noticeable look and a heavier quilt. Using a lightweight denim will save the quilt from being too heavy, or alternatively use a lightweight flannel on the back of your quilt and use denim only on the front. Using denim will accentuate the patterns and overall design of your quilt, brightening your room. You may choose for your quilt to display a central design, or separate each block of material with fabric strips, (this process is called sashing). Your finished quilt will also look lovely if you opt for a plainer central design and create more decorative borders.

Holiday Rag Quilts

It’s a great idea too to think about making a celebration rag quilt to use at a particular time of year, such as one for Christmas, Easter or to mark a special place or occasion. A quilt assembled to celebrate Christmas could contain squares displaying well-recognised characters such as Father Christmas, reindeer, pretty angels, gifts, and decorated Christmas trees and puddings; such a marvellous quilt could be used to adorn your sofa or wall hanging for all to enjoy!

An Easter time quilt could be created with vibrant colors and cheerful patterns, to include Easter egg shapes, cute bunny rabbits, and fluffy Easter chicks, which have been sewn on using an applique technique. For this quilt, consider using sunshine yellow and oranges and greens to give a bright and happy finished look. Of course, if you wish to make a more traditional Easter quilt you could opt to give a more religious themed appearance, perhaps using stained glass patterns to represent beautiful church windows, or include significant religious figures and scenes which depict their lives and important works.

How to Make a Rag Quilt

The process of quilting is easier than you might think, and one which becomes faster with practice! You can use leftover pieces of material or a template to cut out same-sized pieces of cloth. You can make a quilt using one large piece of fabric, (or whole cloth). The quilt usually comprises of three layers of fiber, a woven cloth top, a layer of batting and a woven back, combined using quilting techniques; each piece is made sequentially, ensuring patterns and prints are kept facing in the correct directions where required, then the quilt is assembled using your sewing machine. The definitive ‘raggy’ look to your finished quilt is created by the use of sharp sewing scissors, making cuts along deliberately left over seams of material.

Homespun fabrics such as flannel are a great choice as they give the best fraying, producing a really soft and definitive ‘raggy’ look to your quilt. If you wash your finished quilt in cold water and then dry on a high heat your seams will really fluff up well and produce the desired look of a perfectly made rag quilt.




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