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Quilt Kits For Beginners - Makes it Easy to be Creative

Quilt Kits For Beginners – Makes it Easy to be Creative

Check out these quilt kits for beginners that are posted below. They are all simple to make and the directions are easy to follow. To start making a quilt from a quilt kit might be the best way the create your first beautiful patchwork!


Ruby Fleur Corner Lot Quilt Kit

Color Block Quilt KIT Color My World Quilt KIT   

Get Other Beginners Quilting Kits Here.


There is something special about making a quilt. Perhaps it is the time and energy that is involved, or the creativity making the squares, whatever the case, making a quilt for a family heirloom or a newborn can sometimes be a challenge, even for the experienced quilter. That is why there is now beginner kits designed to help those just starting off in the quilting world to make their very own quilt in no time. Even the experts enjoy these beginner quilting kits as a way to explore new techniques.



Beginner Quilt Kits

The purpose of the beginners quilting kits is to start with all that you need and practice the craft. Each kit comes with pre-cut squares that you can assemble in your own pattern and create a remarkable and memorable blanket. Stuffing which is used obviously to stuff the quilt and make it warm and cozy. Batting which holds the squares down and adds extra comfort to the blanket. Some kits include needles and the proper thread, and some do not. While mixing the color of the thread makes for a bolder approach for your quilt, when starting out, you may not want to show your mistakes and chose a thread that blends well with the material.

Some kits are only half the size of regular quilts which make it less intimidating when first starting out. These beginner quilting kits make for cute baby blankets and give you an idea of what goes into making a full blown king size quilt.

Quilts are a great way to show someone you care. The choice of colors and themes are plentiful, and there is always new ideas spring up all the time. When you are first starting out, it is important to know where to go for help. Several youtube videos can guide you and walk you through each step of the process if you get stuck and can’t understand the instructions that were given in the kit. The most important thing though is to take your time and have fun. Quilting is a time-honored tradition and maybe one day, you will have created a masterpiece to hand down to your children and grandchildren.

The following Kits are sold out:

Quilting Projects Kits for Everyone With Basic Skills

Twinkling Star Purple Quilt KIT A Little Sunshine Quilt Kit
Riley Blake Wally the Whale Quilt Kit timelesstreasurestongatreatnextmovequiltkit_aiid1696721 Riley Blake Dino Pillow Kit FreeSpirit Dream Weaver Garden Party Quilt Kit
Riley Blake Wally the Whale Quilt Kit

Next Move Quilt Kit

 Riley Blake Dino Pillow Kit FreeSpirit Dream Weaver Garden Party Quilt Kit


  swedish postcard quilt Robert Kaufman Jules Indigo On Parade Quilt Kit
Kona Cotton Fabric & Postcards From Sweden
Pattern Quilt Kit
Robert Kaufman Jules Indigo On Parade
Quilt Kit 


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