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Patchwork Quilts Patterns For Beginners

Patchwork Quilts Patterns For Beginners

Is quilting a new hobby that you have picked up? To choose some patchwork quilts patterns for beginners will make you feel great about yourself and your work as you are starting out; and everyone will be impressed by your quilting skills, immediately. And beyond all of that, you will have a beautiful quilt when you are finished with your project, something that you can be proud of for years to come.

Kaffe Squall Patchwork Palette pattern Patchwork Cow Mug Rug and Blocks

Kaffe Squall Patchwork Palette

Modern Christmas trees
patchwork pillow (cushion)

Patchwork Cow Mug Rug

and Blocks

The easiest way to start making a quilt is to buy at kit quilt kit for beginners. You choose your pattern and then you get the fabrics as well, which means that you don’t need to think about the fabric quality and if colors will fit together etc. It is all made for you.

Easy Quilting KITS

Quilt patterns for beginners:

The following patterns are all made for quilting beginners or maybe even novice quilters. That means you must not have a lot of experience before you can make these beautiful creation

Beginner pattern: Pattern for the novice: Beginner Pattern:
Bobsstainglassquilt_1 ZigZagLove_1 Patchwork Quilts Patterns For Beginners
Stained Glass Quilt Pattern  Zig Zag Love Wall Hanging Pattern  Pumpkin Spice Pattern
Designer: Sew 4 Fun, by Pam Yeomans Designer: Hope’s Quilt Designs, by HopeTN Designer: “laugh yourself into Stitches” Karen M Walker

The Patterns below might look advanced but I promise…you can make all of them if you like! The patterns are all for novice quilters!

Easy Layer Cake Quilt



Easy Layer Cake Quilt

Easy Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

Hen Party Mug Rug Pattern

Here you will find many Beginners Quilting Kits



Patchwork and Quilting Made Easy

Here is how you can learn how to quilt from a professional teacher! Join this quilting classes for beginners:

titleCard quilt quick titleCard quilt quick2
 Quilting Quickly I  Quilting Quickly II

Making Patchwork Quilts

If you want to learn how to quilt and be sure you get the important quilting techniques right from the beginning, you should join an online, quilting class!

In the above-suggested classes, you will learn everything you need to make gorgeous quilts. All classes can be watched 24/7 online and they will never expire, so you can watch them whenever and where ever you like. You will learn so much in these quilt classes lead by the professional teacher Jenny Doan.

When purchasing any class you take no risk at all since you get a full money back guarantee.

To learn more about these classes CLICK HERE:  Quilting Quickly I          Quilting Quickly II


3 Very Easy Patchwork Quilt Patterns

full_8267_99889_ScrappyPatchworkPlacemats_1 full_2262_133071_EasyPatchworkSummerGardenQuilt_4
Scrappy Patchwork Placemat Pattern

Easy Beginner Jaded Chain
Baby Blocks Lap Quilt

Easy Patchwork Summer Pattern

The three above easy quilting patterns are perfect for beginners. They are actually made for real novice quilters and that is why you can feel confident to start a project without any prior experience. On this page, you will find many easy baby quilt patterns: Click Here

Quilts Patterns For Beginners – Get A Perfect Start

Is quilting a new to you? Do you plan to use it in the future as an activity to connect with your friends or family, as a job, or simply as a hobby to be enjoyed by yourself when you want some peace and quiet? There is no wrong reason to choose to learn how to quilt, and now that you have made that decision, it’s time to get started learning how to do it.

When you are first beginning to quilt there are many tools out there to make it easy for you to get a hang of things, such as patchwork quilting patterns for beginners. You will want to start out with something simple and with a pattern that guides you as you start out, and you will be a pro at quilting in no time.

Start with easy patterns

Start off with an easy patchwork quilt and soon you will be moving on to making more advanced and complicated quilts. Your skills will come quickly with practice, and with the guidance of a pattern, you will be able to do whatever it is that your heart desires.

Quilting is a great hobby to pick up, and you will never regret learning this skill! Maybe you’ll even inspire some of your family members and friends to start quilting, as you show them how much the patterns for beginners have helped you learn, and how good you’ve become at quilting in such a short time.


The following quilt kits are unfortunately sold out:

 A Little Sunshine Quilt Kit Strip City Waterfall Quilt KIT
Color My World Quilt KIT


Here I put up some few videos that will teach you how to create easy quilts.

video2 video
How To Sew a Block Quilt How To Make A Quilt Top



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