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Modern Quilt Patterns

Modern Quilt Patterns – Finding The Best Ones

Most modern quilt patterns are bright, colorful, and adventurous. They are designed to stretch and test the aptitude of sewers, as well as broadening the range of patterns available online.

The following are some of the most popular modern quilt patterns.

Modern Quilt Patterns for Beginners

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Modern Quilt Patterns Modern quilting pattern Canvas Quilting pattern - Modern Geese
Tilted Modern Quilt Pattern Canvas, a Modern Quilting Pattern Modern Geese by Quilting Bias 
Modern pattern for quilting - Morocco   Modern City Log Cabin Quilting Pattern   Pike's Peak - a modern quilt
Modern Morocco  Modern City Log Cabin Pike’s Peak – a Modern Quilt


Inspired Modern Quilts: 7 Small Projects With Big Style

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In this quilting class, you will learn to create seven quilts with modern fabrics and stylish compositions.  If you love the modern style quilts, this is a perfect class for you! You will get 10 high-quality video lessons, downloadable instructions and diagrams and hours of close-up instructions. The classes are interactive, so ask questions and your teacher will answer.

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Quilting Class: Inspired Modern Quilts: 7 Small Projects With Big Style


Student project from:  Inspired Modern Quilts:

full_6037_276277_Scraptasticscrappypaintboxquilt_1 list_4724_145083_ModernCrossBlockSwapQuilt_1 full_8491_90782_LowVolumeTiles_1
full_3730_274938_WonkyCrosses_3 full_3088_131190_ElephantmeetsLime_1 full_2668_267933_RandomSquaresQuilt_1
full_3100_135992_ScatteredSquares_1 full_1861_276277_Scraptasticscrappypaintboxquilt_4 full_1408_139721_WonkyLogCabinsBabyStyle_5



Modern Quilt Patterns For Intermediate Skills

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Fiesta Quilting Pattern Modern Pattern Quilt and Instructions Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt
Fiesta: A Modern Look! Modern Quilt Pattern and Instructions Modern Rainbow Baby Quilt

Modern Quilt Designs Patterns

For amateur quilters, who are looking to enhance and test their skills with challenging and engaging modern quilt patterns, there is no more insightful resource than the internet. Whilst sewing is still thought of as being an activity which takes place almost entirely independent of outside influences, this is no longer the case.

These days, there are thousands upon thousands of quilting communities and groups online. They share tips, offer advice, give constructive feedback, and make sure that the finest modern quilt patterns are passed around. The question is, what is a modern quilt pattern – what makes a quilt pattern contemporary enough to earn it this title?

Alternating Mosaic Baby Quilt

This pattern is defined by an appealing, but easy going style, which features a series of four patch quilt blocks, framed twice with a brighter color. It is one of those designs which gets more interesting as you look at it because the frames appear to shift and change as the consequence of an optical illusion.

Bricks and Cobblestones Quilt Blocks

For fans of bright color, this quilt pattern is a great choice. It is made up of vibrant geometric fabrics, dots, stripes, prints, and other contemporary features. The interlocking blocks of color may appear to be randomly placed, but they are actually formed according to a complex quilting design. The individual ‘cobblestone’ blocks should measure 6 1/2 x 6 ½ before being attached to one another.

Endless Stairs Quilt Block

This is a very modern quilting pattern because it relies on a surprisingly simple technique and design to create an effect which looks rather complex. The endless stairs design is structured so that blocks are formed in no time, and almost any combination of fabrics and colors can be utilized. The original form of this quilt pattern is blue, but you can use any color that you want.

Simple Log Cabin Quilt Design

As a modern variation of an older design, this simple log cabin pattern has the advantage of being traditional and new at the same time. It is built up using foundation piecing techniques, as they are ideal for forming small details and accents. Yet, these techniques can be fairly time-consuming, so it is important to know what you are getting into before you start an extensive project of this nature.

Tips and Tricks for Modern Quilters

* Large Scale Designs – if you enjoy creating modern patterns, but do not necessarily like the time it often takes to finish them, it is better to opt for designs made up of large pieces. This way, you will always get your project finished in time. The larger the block pieces, the fewer the seams there are to take care of and sew.

* Geometric Shapes – similarly, quilt patterns made up primarily of geometric shapes like squares and oblongs are much easier to create. Whilst triangles can look very striking when skilfully incorporated into a design, they are trickier to get right. Why not start out with basic geometric shapes, and work your way up to the more complex stuff later?

* Choose Pre-Cut Fabrics – there is an almost endless variety of pre-cut fabrics out there on the market, and they are designed to help enthusiastic quilters speed up designs, and create something really special in no time. In fact, if you choose a fabric selection which is based on a specific quilt pattern, you will be sewing and combine shapes and colors like a professional before you know it.


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