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Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern – A Popular Design for Quilts

Quilts are very delicate things and come in an array of patterns and styles, each beautiful in their own way. However, one of the most popular styles is the log cabin quilt pattern.

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  Log Cabin Quilt Pattern Scrappy Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging pattern Woven Log Cabins Woven Log Cabins
Wonky Log Cabin (Cotton Bole) Quilt Scrappy Log Cabin Star Wall Hanging Woven Log Cabins
Log Cabin Foundation Block Pattern Log Cabin Cross Pattern
Log Cabin Foundation Block Pattern Log Cabin Cross Pattern

 Log Cabin Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Most of the above patterns are perfectly suitable for quilt beginners. They are easy to put together and you will manage with just basic quilting skills.

If you are a beginner quilter; do not hesitate to try some of these log cabin quilts. They are traditional to the style and it is great to have one!

The “log cabin cross quilt” is a beautiful quilt that needs you to have intermediate quilting skills.  That means that you should have some quilting experience in order to make it. All according to the pattern designer.

Also, the “Woven Log Cabin Pattern” might need a quilter with some experience of making quilts. line

Log Cabin Quilt KIT:

Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen Comfy Cabin Quilt KIT

Log Cabin Quilt Pattern KIT

Buy This Log Cabin Quilt Pattern and Fabric:

Robert Kaufman Quilter’s Linen Comfy Cabin Quilt KIT



Join This Log Cabin Quilt Class!

Log Cabin Quilt Class
    In this Class you Get:
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The class holds hours of close-up teaching and instructions for you to follow anywhere you like, and anytime you like! Your class will never expire so take everything at your own pace.

The class is interactive which means you can ask the teacher your questions and you will get answers from her in the virtual classroom.

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Examples of Student projects from the Log Cabin Quilt Class:

full_8808_351014_LogCabinMaze_1    full_5451_312706_LogCabinQuilt_1 full_8791_341717_Logcabinquilt_1
full_8244_263634_redwhiteandbluelogcabin_1 full_1022_185477_MyLogcabins_3 full_4558_347804_LogCabin_5
full_8971_115806_LogCabinQuilt_1 full_4025_188340_MyFavoriteScrapOne_1    full_943_348561_AussiAbo_2

Join here:  Log Cabin Quilt Class



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Rectangular Log Cabin Quilt Pattern

Log cabin quilt patterns are geometrically appealing tending to focus on squares and rectangular pieces. They are to fit together in various layers and modalities.

This quilting pattern style is supposed to imitate the style of architecture and construction in a log cabin and looks very pleasing to the eye. Although log cabin quilt patterns come in the whole spectrum of colors, the most dominant color among these designs tends to be various shades and hues of brown. It is again representing the log cabin theme.

However, the patterns look good and seem to give the quilts a sort of depth and texture.

There are other patterns that have this old-fashioned style and that is, for example, the rag quilt patterns. You can also check out our country quilt page and find some fun animal mug rugs here: Quilted Mug Rug Patterns  this country inspired Quilt Kit




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