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Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns – Great for Beginners

Jelly roll quilt patterns are easy to make since the fabrics are pre-cut for you! You need to sew the jelly rolls together, and soon the quilt will be ready! There are quilters that say they can finish a jelly roll quilt in an hour!

Nevertheless, to chose a jelly roll for making a quilt is great if you are a beginner to quilting!

Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns For Beginners

Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns Just Jazz Quilt Jelly Roll Quilt - Stepping Stone
Stars and Stripes A Jelly Roll
Quilt Pattern 
Just Jazz Quilt   Stepping Stone Quilt Pattern
  Key to My Heart Jelly Roll Friendly   Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern
 Key to My Heart Jelly Roll Friendly  PS I Love You Quilt Pattern

Jelly Roll Quilting Class

When using precut jelly rolls you can create awesome quilts in a very easy way! Join Kimberley Einmo and learn about piecing, applique, and machine-quilting. Kimberley is a best-selling author and will share her techniques so you can stunning quilts with patterns like flying geese, stars and more.

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titleCardmagic ellyroll

When buying a quilting class you will get immediate access to the videos, and the class never expires. It is so convenient to be able to watch the videos whenever you like and where ever you are.

And of course, you do not risk anything…you have a full money back guarantee on your purchase!

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Look at these lovely student projects: This is what you can be doing by joining this class:


full_4915_201259_Jacobsladderquilttops_1   full_7744_183070_JacobsLadderquilttop_1
full_2557_256460_OurQuiltFinished_1 full_6776_283856_Amishchainsaw_1   full_7175_274902_Myfirstmachinequiltingquilt_1
  full_3512_47317_RainbowLonestar_2 full_4781_282297_StarPillows_2 full_7437_83875_JacobsLadder_1

More Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Ideas

Working with jelly rolls gives you endless of possibilities to create a beautiful quilt. There are many easy jelly roll quilt patterns to choose from and also patterns that might take some sewing skills to finish.

Harmony Jelly RollQuilt Rockin Roll Jelly Roll Quilt Between the LinesJelly Roll Friendly
Harmony Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Rockin Roll Jelly Roll Quilt pattern Between the Lines Jelly Roll Friendly
Legacy Basketweave Jelly Roll Friendly Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Saltwater
Legacy Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Basketweave Jelly Roll Friendly Pattern Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Saltwater


The Legacy Pattern is a beginner quilt pattern that is very easy to follow. The pattern is coming with diagrams and clear descriptions that will help you make it. This is a great pattern to learn how to make Half-Square Triangles.

Even the Rockin Roll Jelly Roll pattern is for new quilters and according to the designer you might even be a novice and make the pattern! This quilt pattern is a variation of the traditional Rail Fence Quilt Pattern and is looking absolutely lovely if you ask me!

The pattern called the Basketweave Jelly Roll Friendly quilt pattern is a fast pattern to make; it comes together quickly. Only straight seams which make it very easy! Easy is also the Harmony Jelly Roll Quilt, and the Between the Lines pattern for which you need only 4 jelly roll strips for the whole quilt top!

The last of the above pattern is the Saltwater Quilt Pattern that comes in several different sizes. from Crib to King size. Even this patterns is an easy jelly roll quilt pattern and great as a quilting beginner project.

This particular pattern comes with step by step photos and  a diagram on how to put the quilt together. You will get detailed instructions on every stage for making this quilt. You get help with the cutting, the piecing, the machine quilting and more.

As you see; all of the above jelly roll quilting patterns are very good for beginners to quilting since the whole concept of precut jelly roll strips makes the procedure so very simple and quick.

So why not start a new exciting project today! I think you agree with me when I say that there are not many things that beat the feeling of having create something beautiful with your own hands. And making a quilt is so great because it last for generations. Whether you choose a small baby quilt pattern for someone in the family, or you are making a large for the double bed, you will feel proud to have contributed to your family quilting treasures!

If you need some video guidance and want to learn from a quilting professional, I recommend that you join this above mentioned quilting class:    The Magical Jelly Roll Quilting Class

Did you know that you can always ask the teacher questions when participating in this quilting class.  All classes are interactive, which make them so very valuable!

The Magical Jelly Roll Quilting Class


What Are A Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns

The name ‘jelly roll‘ may be somewhat ambiguous to people that are just looking at the finished quilts. It’s a name that becomes clearer when one looks at the fabric that’s necessary to make jelly roll quilts. The fabric comes in an arrangement that does indeed resemble a gigantic cloth jelly roll. A ribbon is often tied around the fabric. These sorts of fabric jelly roll actually make excellent gifts amongst friends and family members that enjoy quilting. When the jelly rolls are disassembled, it’s easy to see that the individual fabric sections tend to come in long, narrow strips. These strips are folded when they’re inside the jelly roll itself. That makes it all the more dramatic when the jelly roll is disassembled.

Jelly roll quilts are more modern than a lot of people think. Jelly roll fabric pieces are typically pre-cut, so they wouldn’t have existed in an era before quilting supplies were available at specialized hobby stores. In fact, some people actually enjoy looking at the historical quilts of their ancestors and making newer versions using modern quilting supplies, such as jelly roll fabrics. It is possible that these fabrics will be seen as vintage themselves one day, but today, they are very much emblematic of modern quilting.

Quilt Patterns With Jelly Roll Fabric

Many types of jelly roll quilts actually use the full length of the fabric sections. These long and narrow strips of fabric can be used to create very interesting quilts when used in this manner. The quilts develop a strangely linear look to them. Many quilts look vaguely like chessboards. Some of them look like decorative floors since the rolled strips of fabric almost look like colorful floorboards. This effect only adds to the sentimental value that many people attach to quilts. Other jelly roll quilting almost looks like mosaics.

Jelly Roll Quilt Patterns With Memories

Many people have strong childhood memories attached to quilts. Their grandmothers may have gotten them interested in quilting in the first place. Many have quilts that have been in their families for generations. Those people might also be carrying on important family traditions in learning to quilt for the first time.


Here Are Some Great Jelly Roll Videos:












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