Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Marcie’s Maze

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To The Pattern: Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Marcie’s Maze

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What is A Jelly Roll?

Most of us want is to make things a little bit easier and faster. When it come to quilting there are always improvements when it comes to tools and fabrics. But one of the biggest things came with the introduction of Jelly Rolls.

In a Jelly Roll, you have 40 x 2½” strips (each cut the width of the fabric). They are cut into individual strips so you will not need to cut all those strips yourself, which in itself is a great thing!

A Jelly roll is already coordinated which means that they are put together in colors etc which also helps a lot!

If you get yourself a jelly roll there are many patterns and books that will help you create beautiful quilts, much faster then if you would need to cut it all by yourself.

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