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How To Quilt - Three Beginner Methods

How To Quilt – Three Beginner Methods

To learn how to quilt is not that easy if you want a great result. If you are new to quilting you might need some quilting beginners instructions to avoid too many trial and errors along the way, and that is why letting a professional teacher lead you into the quilting arts is such a great and popular way to learn!

Quilting Techniques For Beginners

There are many techniques for creating a quilt and here I have suggested three different quilting classes for beginners, learning three techniques.  The first example is a very popular class for people wanting to know how to quilt on a sewing machine.

The second one that will teach you how to make a quilt for beginners is about using jelly rolls.  It is called Magical Jelly Roll Quilts and will take you through the quilting basic instructions you need.

The third one is called Fusible Appliqué Made Easy and will teach you fun and easy appliqué quilts patterns. This class will also give you beginners quilt instructions.

Here is a presentation of the three of them:

Quilting Techniques For Beginners

Learn How To Quilt

how to quilt 1. Start Machine Quilting

In this video class, you will learn how to machine quilt and to do it in a fun and relaxing way! Learn to make beautiful designs as you follow this quilting class and learn how to quilt.

Paula Reid is your instructor and she will give you basic tips on how  to choose the best batting, what needles, threads, and machine feet to use for the project you work with. Adjust tension and the length for your stitches, make stitches strong in order to make the quilt durable through washing etc.

You will learn Paula’s own quilting method and also gain the confidence to freehand quilt lovely designs like hearts, flowers, leaves etc. Without making any marking. You will be able to create quilt tops you love!


With purchasing this class you will get:

7 HD video lessons on how to sew a quilt on a sewing machine that you are able to watch anytime you like.

You will get class materials, hours of close-up instruction

and also answers from Paula in the virtual classroom


Here is a brief overview of the lessons including in this class:

How to start Machine Quilting – Class presentation:

You start out with how to setup your workspace properly and is given lots of basic instructions on batting.

Lesson number two gives you professional tips on laying out your fabrics and how to keep the quilt smooth while working with it. You will be taken through valuable pin-basting methods that will secure your quilt sandwich nicely.

In the third lesson, you will learn all about the quilting tools and machine settings in order to learn how to machine quilt. You will get help to understand everything you need to make a fabulous quilt!

Essential machine quilting knowledge like learning the best needles, threads and machine feet for your project, and also all details about the  machine tension etc are included.

The next lesson will take you through how to quilt a large quilt on a sewing machine and make nice smooth stitches through your quilts.

The next lesson is about marking up your designs. You will get help to assess a variety of stencils for quilting, and you will get tips on many different marking tools available.

Lesson number six is about beginning Free-Motion Quilting. Here you get lots of tips to get a great start while the next lesson covers the art of  Freehand Quilting. The design possibilities with this technique are nearly endless and you will Gain confidence using this technique by creating hearts and flowers and more!

CLICK HERE to join this class –  Start Machine Quilting


titleCardmagic ellyroll 2. Magical Jelly Roll Quilts

In this class, you will learn how to make stunning quilts with easy-to-use pre-cuts.

Kimberly Einmo who is a bestselling author will show quilting techniques like piecing and appliqué and machine quilting!

You can sew easy to make, yet lovely quilts using jelly rolls or even fabrics you have at home. There are five quilting patterns included in this class, so you can start creating your own quilt from them, or you can take what you learn from theses videos and create your own design! Kimberly show you how using cutters and templates to make your quilting fun and easy!

You will learn how to create various motives like stars, checkerboards and more.

You will get 10 videos in this how to make a quilt for beginners class that you can watch on your own schedule: wherever, whenever you want. Your access to the class will never expire. And…you will get 100% money-back guarantee on the purchase.

Here is a brief overview to what will be covered in the class:

How To Make A Jelly Roll Quilt

In the introduction, you will learn about having a good workspace when creating your quilts, and in the second lesson, you will know all you need to know about rotary cutters, rulers, threads and other supplies you will need to make you quilt.

Now it is time for your first quilt called Jacob’s Ladder. Here you will learn how to use half-square triangles and how to put the block together

In lesson number 4 you will see how fast the pattern Chain Saw quilt will come together by using a jelly roll. Beautiful pattern! The quilt will be finished in the next lesson where you learn how to add sashing, and also quilting and the binding.

In the sixth lesson, you will get a new pattern from your teacher; the Lonestar Strip Magic quilt. To make it you can use either jelly roll strips or fabric strips cut from your own stash.

In lesson No 7 you will learn how to finish the quilt by assemble your points into blocks and create your quilt top. here you will get tips on a variety of quilting options.

Next lesson gives you the opportunity to make beautiful cathedral window blocks and in the video no 9 Kimberley demonstrates how to learn how to assemble your quilt top and also how to add appliquéd details using beautiful, decorative stitching.

In the final video, you will be shown how to make a stunning Flying Geese quilt

CLICK HERE to join this class:     Magical Jelly Roll Quilts

fusible new 3 Fusible Appliqué Made Easy

In this class, you will discover how to use versatile appliqué techniques to adorn your quilt.

The quilting teacher Wendi Gratz will guide you through the process of creating appliqué quilts. You will learn everything like how to choose the perfect fabric, how to use templates, how to quilt-as-you-go and also a few methods on how to assembly some playful blocks; all for you to create lovely quilts!

You will also learn how your fusible applications can stand out  with eye-catching stitching and finishing and more.

Here is a brief presentation on the class:

How To Make Applique Quilt:

With this appliqué quilting class, you will get HD 7 video lessons and class materials including appliqué templates.

The class holds hours of close-up teaching and instructions for you to follow anywhere you like, and anytime you like! Your class will never expire so take everything at your own pace.

The class is interactive which means you can ask the teacher your questions and you will get answers from her in the virtual classroom.

Lesson presentation:
In the first lesson, you will learn the Fusible Appliqué Basics: Letter Appliqués. Your teacher Wendy Graz will provide many tips for you to learn fusible appliqué in an easy way! Wendy will show you how to use this technique to make endless variations on how to make a quilt blanket. This lesson you will also start to make letters!

The second lesson covers the quilting technique of Overlapping Appliqués: Mushrooms & Trees

Here you will get help to choose the right fabric for the quilt you want to make. You will learn about cutting and how easy you can quilt as you go. Now you also have to start cutting some motives – mushrooms and trees for your quilt.

Lesson number 3 will show you the basic of appliqué basic faces: Bear, Beaver & Deer

Here you will begin making your first animal faces. You will learn several techniques on how to transfer the appliqué pieces and start making your beautiful woodland quilt.

For lesson number four it is time for more Advanced Faces like a  Bunny and a Raccoon.

You will start by learning stitch off the appliqué the right way and some smart tricks on how to make the animal eyes look the best.

In the next video it is time for some fancy stitching: make an owl a squirrel and a quail.

Wendy will show you many fun stitches like a satin stitch, blanket stitch, and other fancy stitches. Watch how your animals will come alive with her lovely details!

Appliqué can be used on almost any project, even on knit fabrics. That is what you will learn in lesson number six.  Apply them on a pillow or a tote bag for example. Here you will learn how to make a nice fox appliqué for your woodland quilt.

Finally, you will be shown how to put your piece together and finishing your lovely woodland creature quilt. All from designs of the block to sew them together, how to size the backing, and making beautiful lines for a gorgeous finish.

CLICK HERE to join this class:  Fusible Appliqué Made Easy

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