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On this page, we have collected some free quilting patterns for you to use.  You can find all kinds of patterns, choose the one you love the most and that fit’s the quilting project you would like to start!

Free Applique Quilting Patterns

PuppyQuiltingAppliquePattern_1 full_2295_41752_BlueJaysApplique_1    full_4360_90069_GiraffeBabyQuilt_1
Puppy Quilting Applique Pattern BlueJays Applique Giraffe Baby Quilt


Free Patchwork Cushion Patterns:

Free quilting patterns for cushions Cross Cushions Quilt Spinner quilt cushion pattern
Pinwheel Cushion Pattern Criss Cross Cushions Spinner

What about creating a patchwork cushion? It will be such a beautiful asset in your home! The above cushion patterns are all very easy and if you are a beginner to quilting you should not hesitate to try these. They are very easy to make but look very nice – and of everything else on this page…it’s totally free!

Free Quilting Patterns for Valentine

Heart Glow Mug Rug Pattern


Free Quilting Blocks Patterns:

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full_4772_120495_SewSweetSimplicityFREEBOMBlock1_4 full_3169_157050_ScrappyPinwheelBlockTutorial_2

Sew Sweet Simplicity BOM Block #1

Scrappy Pinwheel Block Tutorial


Free Quilting Class:

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from: Craftsy
In this FREE Quilting Mini Class you will learn to make a quilt like this:

    full_7470_323395_FinishedGardenCharmQuilt_1 full_5809_323394_FlyingGeese38ModifiedPinwheels_1   full_5767_323388_AddElegantAppliqu23338BeautifulBorders_1     full_2912_334220_SUNSHINEANDBLUESKIES_1

Join Here





More Free Quilting Blocks Patterns:

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Free Quilting Patterns wheel ConfettiStarBlock_1
Blue Bird Pattern  Patchwork Wheel Block Tutorial Pattern (free) Confetti Star Block Pattern


 Quilting – My Favorite Crafts Resource Box:


3 Free Baby Quilt Patterns:

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DaisyBabyQuilt_1 puppy KissingFishBabyQuilt
Daisy Baby Quilt Pattern Puppy Love Baby Quilt (free) Kissing Fish Baby Quilt (free)



What Is A Patchwork Quilt?

The simple answer to that is that it is an item of bedding made of three basic elements.

1: Quilt top
2. Middle layer of wadding or batting
3. Quilt back

These three elements are quilted or stitched together in order for the inner layer stays in place.

Since a long, long time ago people have used this technique to create the most beautiful and creative quilting itemsQuilt patterns  have been created and you can find the most decorative pattern made up of colored pieces and patches of fabrics.

Many times the patchwork pieces are joined together as a patchwork block. Often it is just a square unit.

The beauty of the quilts is that the patchwork blocks  can be arranged in many different ways, and create the most beautiful and creative art! In many places, like on this page you can find free quilting patterns that are easy to sew and beautiful to look at!

This quilted piece of art in our home creates an atmosphere of old fashioned warm “Little house on the Praire” feeling in any house. The main purpose of quilting is, of course, to keep you warm, we use it in our beds and sofas, even if many are looking only for the patterns and the feeling that the quilt is creating!



Free Quilt Patterns – Tutorials



Free Quilting Paper Piecing Patterns:

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lovepaper CrazeePatchPaperPiecedHeartBlock_1

  (free) Love Paper Pieced Quilt Block Pattern

Crazy Patch Paper Pieced Heart Block


More Beautiful Quilting Patterns:

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royal triangel topiarytiles
 Royal Square Quilt  (free) Slanting Triangle Pattern (free) Topiary Tiles Pattern (free)


Join this  Free Quilting Class:

Joining this free quilting class; you can be one of the thousands to experience a really cool quilting event.

Kimberly Einmo will teach you how to sew a gorgeous quilt with descriptions on the block by block method.

When you join this class you will get  a new video lesson on the first of every month. It starts in July and ends the first of December. In this quilting class, you will learn how to make Kimberly’s Night star pattern, her Saw Tooth, Spiky and other spectacular patterns.

Also, learn time-saving quilting techniques and follow Kimberley when she is laying out the quilt beginner pattern. In addition to that, you will learn how to assemble the quilt, backing, and binding and also how to make a nice border.

So no reason not to joining this great, free quilting class for beginners.


The class beginning, with getting familiar with the Night Stars Quilt Kit and then you will meet the expert Kimberly Einmo and take a look at the exclusive quilting beginner patterns that you can make during this class happening.

You will also get a lot of information on how to prepare your fabrics before quilting  and some other nice tips.

The third lesson Kimberley will show you a perfect technique for flying geese pattern, and saw tooth pattern. They are all easy free quilting patterns, included in the class. You will get many smart technique tips on how to make these classic designs before piecing them together.

In the August lesson: you will learn how to combine half-square and quarter-square triangles into triple-triangle. Learn it and add your dynamic Spinning Star blocks to your quilt top. Kimberley gives you step by step instructions on the process and you will be given  tips for cutting fabrics for quilts and quilting pieces together. Also, learn a hassle-free technique for making a four-patch for the block centre without the need of pinning!

In September, Kimberly shows how to construct several lovely variations of the Ohio Star block and in the October class you will learn how to create Kimberly’s more advanced Spiky Star blocks. You will be familiar with using templates and much more.

In lesson no 7, you will get a new star block pattern. This is the centerpiece of your free quilt pattern.

First, you get instructions on how to cut a diamond shape with ease and after that find how you can use Kimberly’s method for assembling without added bulk or tricky Y-seams! In the December, it is time for the final quilt construction.

Get Kimberly’s effective technique for setting the Rainbow Star block on point. More; discover helpful quilting and binding tips that will make your quilt stand out like a star!

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Quilting patterns – Videos



Free Applique Quilt Patterns Flowers

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glasgow spring full_6185_14913_TwinklingTulip_1
Glasgow Rose Stained Glass Template  Spring Time Bloom Quilt Block Pattern (free) Twinkling Tulip Pattern
Ruffled Flower Rag Quilt Pattern


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