Easy Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

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To The Pattern: Easy Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern

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Faster with Jelly Rolls

A large portion of us need is to make things a tad bit simpler and speedier. When it come to sewing there are dependably enhancements with regards to tools and fabrics. Be that as it may, one of the greatest things accompanied the presentation of Jelly Rolls.

In a Jelly Roll, you have 40 x 2½” strips (each cut the width of the texture). They are cut into individual strips so you won’t have to cut each one of those strips yourself, which in itself is an extraordinary thing!

A Jelly roll is as of now organized which implies that they are assembled in hues and so forth which additionally helps a considerable measure!

In the event that you want to start your own project, there are many examples and books that will help you make excellent quilting throws, significantly quicker than on the off chance that you would need to cut everything by hand.

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  1. Vicki Harris says:

    I think the Easy Jelly Roll quilt is stunning as the neutral strips really bring out the colors. How do I get the pattern?

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