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Easy Block Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Easy Block Quilt Patterns for Beginners – Be Creative!

Block quilt patterns come in so many variations. With different quilt blocks, you can create your own quilt with your own touch on it. Here I show some beautiful blocks that you can make to create your own stunning quilt. All of them are easy block quilt patterns for beginners to quilting.

Easy Block Quilt Patterns for Beginners

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Color Block
Color Block
Icon Quilt Block Quilting Pattern
Icon Quilt Block
Jigsaw Patch Block
Jigsaw Patch Block
Easy Block Quilt Patterns for Beginners Block Quilt Patterns Denim Quilt Block Pattern
Love-ly Block of the Month
Quilt Booklet
Block of the Month Sampler
Quilt 2013 
Denim Block Quilt Pattern
Traditional Log Cabin Quilt Block
Traditional Log Cabin Quilt Block
Tea Pot paper pieced block
Tea Pot paper pieced block
  Pumpkin Block Quilt


Pumpkin Block

Baby Block Quilt Patterns for Beginners

Flashy Fish Quilt Block Pattern Bird Trees Quilt Block Mama and Baby Elephant Quilt Block
Flashy Fish Quilt Block Birds on Trees Quilt Block  Mama and Baby Elephant Quilt Block

Other Easy Block Quilt Patterns for beginners:

How To Sew A Block Quilt

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Colorblock Quilt Kit



Quilt Making History

Some people prefer to piece the quilt top and then send it to a quilter for the actual quilting. Some like to just piece it together without any special threading. Some like to assemble it using only the quilting making method. The best part about quilting is the range of creativity that the designer and maker have – it’s all up to you!

Quilting is a hobby and precious pastime that has been around for centuries, ensuring the preservation of treasured memories. Before the quilts were published in papers and magazines, women created the patterns on their own or borrowed them from friends and neighbors.

A woman in the town would carefully copy a new pattern onto paper and then mail it to a sister or friend who lived further away. Eventually, stacks of paper patterns would be passed on to others. Each one would resemble the other, but be labeled with different names, depending on who designed and sewed them. Block quilt patterns are notorious for this. There could be one pattern with over a dozen different names, just as there are also different quilt patterns featuring the same name.


Unfortunately, this confusion never went away even after patterns began to be commonly published in newspapers and women’s magazines. The nomenclature confusion continues today. Still, the foundational basics of block quilt patterns do not fluctuate too much.

There are many different ways to piece together a block quilt and, depending on the type of pattern you choose to go with, your quilt could involve lots of different components. With quilts, there are the top, the middle batting, and then backing fabric. It’s sort of like a giant, square fabric Oreo.

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Quilting Quickly: Patterns, Techniques & Tips  Quilting Quickly II: Patterns, Techniques & Tips

Quilting for Beginners

When just starting out on your first easy block quilt pattern, just keep in mind the foundational basics. First, blocks are the focus of the pattern. They can have many different shapes, sizes, and fabric designs. The blocks can be a simple square or intricately pieced together from teeny little fabric blocks.

The number you need depends on the size of quilt you want. Next, the sashing is the stripping that surrounds the block. They work to frame it in within the entirety of the quilt. Cornerstones come next and, usually small in size, they help pull together the sashing and your blocks.

Finally, the borders tend to include an inner and outer border. The inner is usually skinnier than the outer and is supposed to help finish the quilt and draws the eye’s attention. It’s a central part of the pattern and really pulls the design together.


How to Make a Quilt

There are many ways to create block quilt patterns, but best for quilting beginners is pretty straightforward:

Step 1: Cut a length of fabric to roughly 5” x 11”. Turn it clockwise and place your ruler down so you are ready to cut a 5” x 5” block. Make your second cut to get your block. Repeat, so you have 4 of them – 2 each of the same fabric.

Step 2: Place the right sides of the fabrics together. Sew the blocks together down the right side of the fabric with a quarter-inch seam. Repeat for the two remaining blocks.

Step 3: Open the two blocks and place them right-side down on an ironing board. Press the seam of the lighter of the two fabrics to the darker of the fabrics. Repeat for the other set.

Step 4: Once you have done that, place the two sets together with the ride sides touching. Line up your seams in the middle, with the pressed seams sandwiching. Sew down the right side of your block sets with a quarter-inch seam.

Step 5: Open the two sets and press the seam to one side of your stitching. Turn the block and press all over.

Step 6: You just made your very first block! Make as much more as you need/want, taking care to think of how they would look together as one big quilt top.

Once you have your first block quilt completed, you’ll start getting faster at it. They make for quick and easy presents for the holidays, birthdays, or anniversaries. Have fun and happy quilting!


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