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Find Some Easy Baby Quilt Patterns

Easy Baby Quilt Patterns – Choose One of Them For Your Baby

A good baby quilt is one thing which you start thinking of when you are expecting a new baby member in your house. It does not need to be hard – there are many easy baby quilt patterns to choose from. Imagine a quilt made by your family members exclusively for the new family member. Yes, it will feel like the family are always close to the baby, whenever the baby sleeps.

Easy baby quilt patterns for you:

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Easy Baby Quilt Patterns RuffledBabyQuilt_2 CharmingPachydermsBabyQuilt_1
Baby Chains Baby Quilt Pattern Ruffled Baby Quilt Pattern  Charming Pachyderms Baby Quilt   (FREE)
BABYHEARTSpatternminiquilt_1 ColorfulbabyragquiltpatternRainbow_4 CottonCandyBabyQuilt
Quilt Of Love Pattern Colorful Baby Rag Pattern  Cotton Candy Baby Quilt Pattern

Find some free baby quilt pattern here


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How to Make a Baby Blanket

Quilting Patterns for Baby

One good idea is to start making a baby quilt on your own. While preparing a quilt for a baby, you need to understand that the quilt has to be soft and warm at the same time. So, choose your fabric wisely.

Choosing a fabric and batting are the most important parts in making a quilt for your little one.. The baby quilt has to be attractive and you should look at adding some colorful patterns onto the quilt.

Making a baby quilt on your own

You can choose to add multiple shapes and designs in the quilt to make it even more attractive. Make sure that you wash the fabric before you start working on the quilt. For cutting the fabric accurately, you can make use of rotary cutter and ruler. If you are using multiple fabrics in a quilt, make sure that you cut and assemble all of them into square pieces which help you to create a design of your own which is attractive.

Once you finalize a design for your quilt, start stitching the pieces together with the help of a sewing machine very carefully. You need to ensure that you adhere to the design of your quilt. The last step to complete the top of the quilt is to add a boundary to make the quilt even more attractive. After completing this step, you have to iron it.

In the same way, choose a backing fabric, which is larger in size than the top fabric and ensure, that it is also laid on a flat space and move an iron over it.

There are different types of batting available, but choose a batting keeping in mind that you are preparing a baby quilt, so it has to be soft and warm. Arrange it in a manner that top part of the fabric stays above, bottom part stays at the bottom and the batting is sandwiched between the top and bottom part of the fabric.

Fix it with pins so that it remains intact and then start sewing it using the sewing machine. That’s it! Your baby quilt is ready. You can also use another fabric to stitch and cover the edges to make it look like a perfectly finished quilt.


Here are some interesting videos:

Simple Quilting Patterns For Baby

Find baby quilting patterns to help

You can choose from various quilting patterns available out on the internet or you can also take inspirations from the existing ones and put your imagination into place and start creating your own quilting patterns for babies. So, you can start creating easy baby quilt patterns for your own baby. It is one thing that embraces baby and it will make your baby feel secured. You will find some baby quilt patterns above to help you out.


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