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Country Quilt patterns

Country Quilt Patterns Reminds Me of My Childhood

Are you a country lover? If so, we definitely have something in common. I love everything “countryish” and love the symbols and pictures of country living.  So there is no wonder I am into country quilt patterns and always looking for new layouts for country barns, chicken and hens, pigs and all!

Feel free to browse through our various patterns and kits and do not miss the quilting classes that will be a great help for you if you want to create a beautiful unique quilt.

Country Quilt Patterns:

  Country Quilt Patterns full_2301_129639_CountryCabins_1 Country Babies
Country Cups Pattern Country Cabins Pattern Country Babies Pattern
  Country Cabin   Country Rooster   This is my Country
Country Cabin Pattern Country Rooster Pattern This is my Country Pattern


Country Inspired Quilt KITS:

Get More Country Quilt KITS here

Lavender Ridge Quilt Kit


Scrap Quilt Class

I guess quilting started out as a way of taking care of scraps and old clothes that people had at home. Nothing should be wasted. After that, we have had behaviors that were all about bought and throw away and buy new again. But, now we have found out that it is actually good for both our wallets and the environment for us to not immediately throw away out used fabrics, but instead, use it to make for example beautiful quilts!

That is why you should not miss this quilting class where Edyta Sitar is showing you how to use your mismatched scraps and transform them into a stunning scrappy quilt!

Mix & Match: Inspired Scrappy Quilting
    With this class you get:
  • 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Class materials, including templates and the Trail Mix quilt pattern
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers from Edyta in our virtual classroom


The class holds hours of close-up teaching and instructions for you to follow anywhere you like, and anytime you like! Your class will never expire so take everything at your own pace.

The class is interactive which means you can ask the teacher your questions and you will get answers from her in the virtual classroom.

Mix & Match: Inspired Scrappy Quilting



Country Style Quilts 

For me, the country quilt patterns speak to me about my happy childhood. I was raised on a farm with all the animals that belong…cows, pigs, chickens, cats and dogs and more! All this are now like music to my ears and thinking about my childhood on the farm give me lots of great feelings.

Images that make me feel good is so important. I am surrounded by images. Everything that means something to me you can find either on pictures on the walls or somewhere else in my house. Some you can also find on my quilts.

Have you ever thought about making a quilted mug rug for the kitchen with hens or other country quilt images? That is very decorative and will for sure be something your guests will talk about! By the way…mug rugs are a very smart item that you should have tons of at home. There are so many patterns to choose from so you can have mug rugs for every occasion in life!

You can really create an atmosphere of the country life at home, even if you live in the middle of the city. With country details, you can create country cozy feelings! So start making some country quilts for your home!

Country barns patterns:

The barn is a typical country quilt pattern that also is easy to make. It is an easy pattern since it has straight distinguished lines that are quite simple, especially if you make an application quilt.

full_8977_11833_RedBarnpaperpiecedblock_1 full_355_107130_BarnPaperPieced_3 full_4163_193207_BarnAppliqueBarnBlockPattern_2
Red Barn paper pieced block Barn Paper Pieced Barn Applique Barn Block Pattern



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