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Baby Quilt Patterns - Really Stunning!

Baby Quilt Patterns – Really Stunning!

If you are a quilter you will almost always be able to use some baby quilt patterns since baby quilts are such perfect gifts for new family members or your friend’s new little baby.

The super cute patterns you can see below are all patterns available for purchase. Click the image or link and you will come to the page where the designer sell (or for some patterns, give away for free). The difficulty for the patterns is varied, but none of the patterns are very advanced! So have fun while creating your new baby quilt!

Cute Baby Quilting Patterns

Hello Baby Quilt   Baby Blocks Baby Quilt Pin wheel Quilt
 Hello baby quilt Pattern  Baby Blocks Baby Quilt  Pin wheel Quilt Pattern
  Fresh Fruits Baby Quilt   Baby Quilt Giraffe Baby Quilt
Fresh Fruits Baby Quilt Pattern  Baby Quilt  Giraffe Baby Quilt Pattern

Here are more baby patterns:  Click Here:  Baby Patterns

Getting a homemade baby quilt as a gift is something very special…personal gifts are the best and most appreciated I think so why not start to prepare to make a lovely little quilt.

Want to Learn How to Make a Baby Quilt?

The following quilt class is made for quilting beginners and will teach you all you need to know to create a beautiful baby quilt. Check it out here:

Learn to Quilt: Charming Baby Quilt 

from Craftsy

To make a cute baby quilt is something that all of us can do no matter quilting skills or experience. And it will always be loved and cherished by the family who gets it!

Now you can learn all the essential quilt making skills that you need, and learn it in no time at all….(almost….)!

In this class, Amy Gibson will guide you into making a quilt from scratch, all from selecting the fabrics to making the final touches for finishing the quilt. You will get a lot of tips to simplify the quilt making. So prepare yourself for getting tons of help on how to make a beautiful quilt for a newborn little boy or girl!

With this class, you will get 7 HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access. It also includes class materials, including a supply list and detailed instructions for making a baby quilt.

. You will also be able to get your questions answered from Amy and your classmates in our virtual classroom.

Click here to join this great class: Learn to Quilt: Charming Baby Quilt

Check this out: Amazing Baby Quilts KITS

Great for Quilting Beginners

It is great if you are just about to start the craft of quilting, to start with a smaller project like a quilt for the baby bed. It is not so big to handle and will be finished quite fast, so it will not feel overwhelming. There are also many baby quilts that are made for quilting beginners of even novice quilters, so that might be a great start for you.

I think that many started off their new quilting “career” while making their first quilt to their first baby. Maybe that is something for you…?

It is not just fast to make a baby quilt, the good thing is that all the baby quilt patterns out there are so irresistible and cute, so you can just choose any of them and it will be a success!

Lovely Baby Quilt Pattern Ideas

Little Bear Dresden Butterfly Baby Quilt Baby Quilt Cars
Little Bear Baby Quilt Dresden Butterfly Baby Quilt  Baby Quilt Cars

Baby Quilt Pattern with Elephants

Baby Elephant Applique Pattern
Baby Elephant Applique Pattern
Elephant (African) Applique Quilt Block
Elephant (African) Applique Quilt Block
Mama and Baby Elephant Quilt Block
Mama and Baby Elephant Quilt Block
E is for Elephant II
E is for Elephant II

 Baby Quilt Pattern with Giraffe

That Giraffe Quilt
That Giraffe Quilt
George The Giraffe Wallhanging
George The Giraffe Wallhanging
Giraffe Baby Quilt
Giraffe Baby Quilt
Lovey Giraffes Quilt Pattern
Lovey Giraffes Quilt Pattern
May BOM - Wild Babies - Giraffe
May BOM – Wild Babies – Giraffe
Jungle Giraffe Applique Quilt Block
Jungle Giraffe Applique Quilt Block

Choosing fabrics for your Baby Quilt Patterns

When you make a quilt for your own baby, you can, of course, buy the fabrics and make everything new and nice from the beginning, or you can go for the cozy, homely feeling and make a quilt with fabrics from your home. I guess that that is where the patchwork craft all started from; people wanted to take care of everything in the house, and they used worn things like clothes, table clothes etc and made a quilt top and then added some batting and created a new, beautiful piece of quilt. I think that idea is lovely and would be nice for a baby quilt. What about wrapping your baby in something that mom and dad have actually been using themselves..? I think that is really cozy!

Okay, whatever you decide to do…on this page you find many easy patterns that you can make your own beautiful baby quilt!

Find other easy quilt patterns here:

Easy Quilt Patterns –  Choose Your Favorite!

Quilt Kits For Beginners –  Makes it Easy to be Creative

Baby Quilt Kits Made Easy and Fun for You!

Easy Quilt Pattern For Beginners

Quilted Mug Rugs Patterns – Easy To Make



Sold out baby quilt kits:

Baby Quilt Patterns Riley Blake Little Flyers

High In The Sky Quilt KIT

Baby Pattern Robert Kaufman Urban Zoologie

Happy Menagerie Quilt KIT

Quilt kit for baby Robert Kaufman Naptime

Friends Quilt KIT

Lillys garden quilt kit Riley Blake Lilly’s Garden Quilt KIT  Robert Kaufman Princess Life baby pattern for quilting
SparklingThrow Quilt KIT
Riley Blake Summer Song 2 Summer  summer baby quilting pattern Melody Quilt  
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