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Baby Quilt Kits Made Easy and Fun for You!

Baby Quilt Kits Made Easy and Fun for You!

On this page, we have handpicked some lovely baby quilt kits to make at home, since one of the first things that we think of when planning for a new family baby might be to make a baby quilt! They are so cozy and cute and so useful! And a quilt kit make the procedure much easier!

Baby Quilt KITS to Make!

Baby Quilt Kits Made Easy

Baby Jungle Panel Quilt Kit

Inch by Inch Quilt Kit Happy Menagerie Quilt Kit 



Click The Links and images to know more!

Robert Kaufman Charming Baby Quilt
Baby Quilt Kits

Riley Blake Summer Song 2 Tori’s Toy Box Quilt
Quilt kit

Riley Blake Wally the Whale Quilt Kit
Riley Blake Wally the Whale Quilt Kit

Riley Blake Lilly’s Garden Quilt
Riley Blake Lilly's Garden Quilt

Riley Blake Little Flyers High In The Sky Quilt
Riley Blake Little Flyers High In The Sky Quilt

Riley Blake Dino Pillow Kit
Riley Blake Dino Pillow Kit

Robert Kaufman Urban Zoologie Minis Seeing Spots Quilt
Robert Kaufman Urban Zoologie Minis Seeing

Riley Blake Summer Song 2 Summer Melody Quilt
Riley Blake Summer Song 2 Summer Melody Quilt


Baby Quilt Kits for Beginners

Most of the kits shown above are kits that are suitable for quilting beginners even if you need to have some experience. The designer calls it that you need to be an advanced beginner. Two kits, though, the Riley Blake Dino Pillow Kit and  Robert Kaufman Charming Baby Quilt are very simple to make and great kits if you are not experienced in quilting but love to try a project!

It is a good way to start your quilting “career” with these easy baby quilt kit since the proper fabric is already chosen for you. Upon that the fabrics are pre-cut which means that one tricky part of making the quilt is already fixed for you!

The Riley Blake Summer Song 2 Summer Melody Quilt  and Robert Kaufman Urban Zoologie Minis Seeing Spots Quilt are not hard to make but you need some more basic quilting skills in order to put it together properly.

Make Your Own Baby Quilt

A baby quilt you can make a little bit personal if you like. Maybe there are things characteristics for your family that you will add or maybe you just want to give the baby quilts some special color.

The most important thing I think is to keep to happy colors! We always like it to be colorful when making stuff for our little ones! I am sure that you have things and patterns on your mind for creating a quilt for the little one in your family!

Popular patterns for baby quilts are always animals or toys and maybe flowers for the girls. Of course, there are many other patterns you can use for your baby quilt as well.

Andover My Fuzzy Friend Quilt Kit Buying Baby Quilt Kits

Let your fantasy create a pattern or do like many others are doing, buy a precut baby quilt kit. Then you will get both the patterns and cut fabrics together.

There are several pictures of baby quilts to make above.  If you check them you will see several variations on baby quilts patterns. They all are kits and they are so cute baby quilts – all prepared for you. When you buy it, the patterns and the fabrics will be shipped to you.  Then you are ready to go creating your new baby quilt.

Baby Quilts To Make In A Day

Many people are asking about baby quilts to make in a day or a weekend. It is of course, hard to say how long it will take you to make any of these quilts. Some are beginner quilters and other are very experienced in this craft. Some people are working faster than others and will finish the baby quilt very quick. In order to know how long a quilting project will take for you, click the link or image and got to the next page. There you can find all the information you need about the particular pattern you are interested in.

Right Fabrics For the Baby Quilt

It is very convenient for you to buy all things together in these baby and kid quilting kits we are showing you above.  You can be sure that you will get the right quality of the fabrics for the pattern you choose and you will also get all descriptions and help to make your quilt in the pattern.

Click the image or the link and got to the sales page. There you will also get a lot more information about each of the baby quilt kits.

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