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Applique Quilt Patterns for Creativity

Be Creative Making Applique Quilt Patterns

Applique quilt patterns open up whole new territories for people who enjoy quilting. Other quilting methods can be somewhat limiting for people that truly want to explore the medium since they are limited to one layer of fabric upon which to get truly creative.

Imari Plate Quilt Kit

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KITS here

Imari Plate Quilt Kit

Applique Quilt Patterns for Intermediate Quilting Skills

  Rainy Days Applique Quilt Pattern Owls Applique Quilt Pattern

Giza Pyramids Applique Quilt Pattern

Rainy Days Applique Quilt Pattern

Barn Owls Applique Quilt pdf tutorial

Beginner Applique Quilt Pattern:


Hen Applique Pattern Autumn Flight Table Runner

MyValentineQuiltPattern_5 (1)

  scrappy pumpkin
My Valentine Quilt Pattern   Scrappy Pumpkin Pattern 

All of the above appliqué quilt patterns are easy to put together. According to the different designers, you will be able to make the quilt if you are a beginner to quilting and some of the patterns you can make even if you are a novice and not used at quilting at all!

Choose a favorite and start making your new quilt project!

To make appliqué quilts is so much fun and not as complicated as you might think. If you are looking for free quilting patterns you can go here.

Cat Applique Patterns

Click here for beautiful Applique Quilting Patterns and Supplies: KITS 

 Applique Quilt KIT – The Garden Charm Quilt Kit

The Garden Charm Quilt Kit includes a beautiful traditional fabric. You will also receive the background and binding fabric for you to complete this quilt. After purchasing you’ll be automatically enrolled in the 2016 Block of the Month class.


  1. Welcome
  2. Getting Started
  3. January: Hourglass & Border No. 1
  4. February: Dogtooth, Border No. 2 & Stars
  5. March: Modified Pinwheels
  6. April: Appliquéd Border
  7. May: Modified Piano Keys
  8. June: Outer Borders & Finishing
 2016 Garden Charm Block of the Month Quilt Kit  


Learn How To Quilt Applique Patterns

If you want to learn the applique technique this is the class for you! You will learn how to add eye-catching designs to your quilting projects with three appliqué methods!

Click here to know more: Start Appliqué

Start Appliqué

Here is what you get:

  • 7 Streaming HD video lessons with anytime, anywhere access
  • Class materials
  • Hours of close-up instruction
  • Answers to student questions from instructor Kevin Kosbab
  • Closed captioning available (web only)


Applique Baby Quilt Patterns

Applique quilting patterns allow you to literally and figuratively build on an existing quilt in order to make something stand out for you. Being able to create patterns on a quilt with additional fabric elements gives you much more freedom of expression.You can also make use of any spare pieces of fabric that you have accumulated along the way.

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PuppyQuiltingAppliquePattern_1 guilty cat Baby Feet Appliqueeasy
Puppy Quilting Applique Pattern Guilty Cat Applique Pattern Baby Feet Applique Pattern (Free)

Applique Baby Quilt Ideas

If you wonder how to make an appliqué baby quilt, all three of the above baby quilt patterns will be a good start for you. They are very easy to put together and suitable for beginners. What you need to know to make the puppy pattern is not more than just cutting the fabric and use an iron.

The design is very simple and can be made in just an hour or so. Of course, the patterns come with instructions to help you make this funny pattern! In order to make the other animal applique baby quilt; the cat pattern you also need to know some embroidery stitches. This is also a very fun pattern for you to make. The baby feet pattern is a free pattern; just click the link and you will be at the download page.

Get Applique Quilting Kit Here



Quilting – MyFavoriteCraft’s Resource Box:


MyFavoriteCraft’s “Hone Your Skills” Tips:

Do you want to learn how to make beautiful appliqué quilts? Using fusible’s makes it very easy and decorative! In the quilting class called “Fun with fusible applique,” you will know how to in a very fundamental way!

When joining the class “Machine-Finished Hand Appliqué” you will learn how to make gorgeous appliqué quilt in a way where you don’t need a hand-sewing needle. The teacher Beth Ferrier will show how you instead can be creative with your sewing machine.

5000+ students have enrolled in each of these classes; so why don’t you be the next? Click the links and go have som fun together with all the other students!

Applique Quilts Classes:

Fun With Fusible Appliqué from: Craftsy Machine-Finished Hand Applique from:


Free Videos On How To Make Applique Quilts


How to applique quilt

When you learn how to applique quilt, you can create some stunningly beautiful new pieces. There are many applique quilt patterns out there, including applique baby quilt patterns that will allow you to create the perfect cloth complement to your baby’s new room.

Many applique quilt patterns create a very cheerful impression since many applique quilt patterns use nature themes. It’s easy to create an appropriately bright and happy applique quilt.

People that are already experienced quilters should have no trouble making the transition to applique quilt patterns. Being able to attach the applique quilting patterns shouldn’t pose too much of an additional challenge to seasoned quilters.

Many of the basic skills involved with quilting transfer over to applique quilting very well, particularly the skills that involve patience and persistence. People that have backgrounds in some of the other arts and crafts will also enjoy applique quilting a great deal.

You can plan out your applique quilts just like you would plan out a painting or a set of decorations on the wall. New applique quilters should explore the different types of applique quilting patterns that are available to them.

They should enjoy their new-found freedom of exploration when it comes to this new variety of quilting.





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