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Quilting And Patchwork

Easy Quilt Patterns – Choose Your Favorite!

If you are a beginner to quilting, you are wise to choose easy quilt patterns in order to learn the foundational quilting techniques that the quilters use. If you take on a more complicated pattern you may end up with troubles along the way! Find your favorite and start your new project and have some real fun!


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Easy Quilting Patterns for Beginner Quilters

Sew Easy Quilts Star of Bethlehem Quilt Fantasia Easy Quilt Pattern Serene Scenes Very Easy Quilt Pattern

Sew Easy Quilts Star of
Bethlehem Quilt

Fantasia Easy Quilt Pattern pdf

Serene Scenes Very Easy Quilt Pattern

Puffy Rag Quilt Easy Quilt Pattern Hillside House QAL Block Easy Quilt Calico Cats MugRug quilt made easy
Puffy Rag Quilt  Hillside House QAL Block  Calico Cats MugRug
Loving Heart Quilt Pattern Jelly Roll Railfence Quilt Easy Pattern Woven Quilt Patterns
Loving Heart Quilt Pattern Jelly Roll Railfence Quilt

Woven Tiles Easy Quilt Pattern

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Some Lovely Easy Patterns for Beginner Quilters

Lattice Quilt Pattern Denim Block Easy Quilt Pattern
Lattice Quilt Pattern Denim Block Quilt Pattern
Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Marcie's Maze Easy as Pie Quilting Pattern
Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern Marcie’s Maze Easy as Pie


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Find Your Easy Quilt Patterns

Many easy quilt patterns are easy to recognize on sight. For one thing, many of the more challenging quilting patterns involve creating quilts that have varied textures. Plenty of quilters try to more or less use the layers of their quilts to produce beautiful pictures.

The more simple quilt patterns tend to be very smooth even on top, which gives them a very gentle and comfortable look and feels. People aren’t sacrificing anything by choosing easy patterns. They are simply creating a very different type of finished product.

A good portion of easy quilting patterns more or less involves stitching quilting squares together directly. These squares can still be stitched together in a way that creates a lovely quilt. However, these quilts will look interesting based on the colors and designs that are on the quilting blocks themselves. In the more challenging patterns, the creative way in which the quilting squares or quilting pieces are stitched together is part of what makes them look so distinctive. However, quilters need more experience in order to create quilts like this.

Beginners Quilt Kits

Traditional Quilt Pattern heritage

Many easy quilts are often variations on the traditional nine patch quilt, which was very common during pioneer times. Pioneer women were excellent at making the most of the limited materials that they had. They were also good at using their materials as efficiently as possible. Pioneer women could make their nine patch quilts quickly, and they wouldn’t waste any fabric in the process. A lot of the pioneer quilts that have survived today are nine patch quilts. Many of these quilts had a very checkered appearance, just like many modern simple quilt patterns.

Disappearing Nine Patch Modern Gold Quilt Kit Nine Patch Roses Quilt Kit Disappearing Nine Patch Sweet Purple Quilt Kit

The popularity of the nine patch quilt in pioneer times was largely a function of the fact that pioneer women had limited time on their hands, and they needed to provide their families with warm quilts as soon as possible. Today, quilt patterns that are easy to make are popular because people that are interested in the art form need to be able to start somewhere. Plenty of modern quilters get involved in the hobby out of an interest in the subject, even if many of them are still going to use the quilts they make or give them out as gifts.


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